Completion: January 2014
Client: Stephen King & Christina Romm
Location: Chesholm Road, London Stoke Newington
Budget: £142K
Team: Michel Schranz & Craig Smith
Contractor/Builder: TAOC Ltd. Art Maziarz
Photography: Nick Guttridge

Chesholm Road

The brief for this Victorian Terrace was archetypical: to form a side return extension, creating a light-flood family kitchen connected to the lounge and the rear garden, with the use of contemporary materials such as polished concrete, exposed brick, sheer glass and stainless steel.

We designed, detailed and supervised this project through to completion to achieve our joint visions (client & designers) of how the space should look, feel and function.

We used in situ concrete for floors, precast concrete for tops, hardwood and double glazed detailing for the roof and windows and London Stocks for the new sidewall and fence walls and some stainless steel for fronts.

Invisible to the viewer is the elimination of any exposed soil and other former downpipes which we concealed with easy access for rodding. We also created a strong box-gutter on the boundary wall that is wide enough to walk inside. Easily accessible from the garden, this enables cleaning of the glass roof and the gutter for the client.

A comfortably wide & heated window seat creates a desirable spot inside this composition.