Location: London Belgravia
Property: Grade II Listed End of Terrace, Regency with late Mansarde roof
Client: Private
Status: Construction
Contractor: VSquared Ltd, Venja Janicijevic
Soft Furnishing & Regency Consultant: Edward Hurst

Chester Street

This Regency end of terrace is a very narrow but 6 story home to be for two art dealers and their 3 children. The Regency character had suffered after a mansard roof was added in 1939 and a lot of the original features had been lost, likely during a refurbishment in the 1980-ties. But the building retained its integrity and charm and offers a decent sized south facing garden and magnificent views over the roofs of Belgravia and in earshot of St Peter's Church on Eaton Square - as well as visible from the upper floors.

We obtained building approval & conservation consent for some structural changes to the outside and the inside. When works started it showed that the building suffered from serious water damage and the entire south facing bays had dislodged from the rear elevation.

The works comprise of a total re-fit and substantial structural improvements throughout the building. The original character is brought back into the house with most of modern convenience incorporated. The interior is very carefully and tastefully decorated which is integral to our design process.
Works started in September 2018 and are due to complete at the end of July 2019.