Client: Leo Rom & Leo Mashensky
Location: Mare Street, London-Hackney
Completed: March 2016
Team: Michel Schranz, Louise McMahon & Mikael Blomfelt
Photography: Nick Guttridge
Walk Through Footage: Nick Guttridge
Graphics: HIKE Design
Contractor: ZEN Builders
Dental Equipment: Anglian Dental
Internal Doors: JOSKO
Architectural Light Fittings: DELTA Lights
Floor Finishes: Chroma Global Flooring Solutions

CitySmile Dental Practice

CitySmile acquired this site in 2012 & commissioned MSDA to amalgamate 3 commercial units into one with a change of use. The brief was to create a contemporary, light and airy dental practice offering a range of services for NHS and private clients.

MSDA wanted to retain the feel of a 'white', clean clinic but add a friendly aspect to it. Clerestory window bands above 2.1m height in each surgery visually connect all the spaces whilst retaining the required privacy and sound barriers. We tried to strip as many of the standardised, clinic finishes that are often applied in order to comply with all the regulations that have to be safeguarded. Clear signage and a comfortable waiting area as well as friendly, welcoming reception were key aspects for our clients. Each surgery & ancillary spaces are individually climate controlled and ventilated adapting to each surgeon, dentist and hygienists requirements.

An open, slatted ceiling conceals all M&E installations and omits the requirement for air extracts and inlets and provides easy maintenance access. Due to reflections in the double glazed, clerestory units the continuation of space is not always apparent but the slatted ceiling enhances this visual link of continuity.

CitySmile Dental Practice Walk Through from michel schranz on Vimeo.