Client: Decca Radar Station
Location: Dungeness, Kent
Status: construction, completion due at end of 2018
Team: Michel Schranz & Julien Kiefer
Contractor Structure: Burkhard Trilegno AG Switzerland
Use: Holiday Let

Decca Radar Station

Decca is the name of a record label that branched into different enterprises such as developing radar equipment; this was started in 1949 and the radar division with its original name Decca survived through several change of hands of the company between 1979 and 2004, when the name finally disappeared.
Decca had used two sheds on the shingle beach of Dungeness to test new radar equipment. Several platforms and support structures were added over the years but in the past 30 years everything fell into disrepair and when we were commissioned to redevelop the site the structures were entirely dilapidated.

The brief was to establish a holiday let for 2 to enjoy the views of Dungeness's desert like surroundings. Dramatic weather on the Channel, freight ships passing and ever changing light on this thrilling landscape are a welcome destination for Londoners and others for breaks.
Planning was granted in summer 2017 by committee and construction has started in January 2018.
We attempted to design with a vernacular approach, responding to local fishermen’s huts and sheds class in corrugated metal. Our design approach was a play to find a balance between the rugged landscape and a cosy shelter with elements complementing each other as well as weighing out privacy & transparency - two contradicting aspects that both had to be taken into account.