Client: Saul Schneider & Mark Sacks
Location: Belsize Park
Main Contractor: Better Construction Ltd.
Kitchen: Amberth Kitchen, London
Completed: July 2013
Photography: Craig Smith

Strathray Gardens Apartment

This large, two storey flat is located at the top of an Arts & Crafts building situated in London's Belsize Park. The work consisted of a total strip-out and remodelling of the entire flat including a new roof terrace.
Our brief was to open-up the flat to draw in natural light as the large, green canopies of this wonderfully tree-lined street often limit daylight, particularly during the summer months when the trees are in full bloom.
A new bespoke stair, roof lights, glass floor and carefully considered openings between the interiors establish views both vertically and horizontally across the spaces and beyond to the trees and sky.
The existing folding nature of the roof lends a certain character to the rooms which are a simple palette of white painted walls and solid wood parquet floors.