Client: Alison & Chris Pitchford
Location: Muswell Hill, London
Team: Michel Schranz & Julien Kiefer
Structure: James Frith Ltd.
Planning: approved
Status: tender
Images: MS-DA

Sydney Road

For this Victorian terrace in Muswell Hill of North London we are utilising its topographical condition to create a new ground floor in what would currently be perceived as a basement.

A steep slope from front down to the back of the house offers a new level below the existing house with a basement condition toward the front facade and a ground floor condition towards the rear facade. This requires underpinning and substantial support to the entire, stepped rear facade for which we are utilising a concrete box. In order to keep the ground floor an actively used level in this house we are connecting the former ground with the new ground level with an open stair between the floors. To avoid overlooking neighbours, the formerly ground level will be overlooking a green roof garden with a small terrace off the sitting room.