Client: Andrew Fishwick & MJ Roberts-Fishwick
Location: Belsize Park, London
Completed: 01/09/2015
Team: Michel Schranz, Louise McMahon, Mikael Blomfelt
Contractor: Tiptoe Builders Ltd
Branding: Principle Ingredient
Budget: £150K plus kitchen
Photography: Chris Mosey

The Truscott Cellar

The Truscott Cellar is a spin-off from The Truscott Arms we had designed two years earlier and opened as a Wine Bar and Restaurant on Haverstock Hill in the Belsize Park Area in September 2015. It is a casual, comfortable but yet elegant place with an unusual and very attractive wine list. We cut up a Scotch Elm tree for all worktops and table tops, some alpine Larch on the floor, phenolic on walls and for furniture and for our architectural jewellery we used brass.
The place offers a few spatial surprises and is a nice place for lunch, dinner or just a few glasses of fine wine. It is a refreshing alternative to our usual local (gastro) Pubs.