Bermondsey Gin

  • Client: Bermondsey Gin Ltd. - Christian Errboe Jensen
  • Location: Stanworth Street, London Bermondsey
  • Contractor: R&MJB Construction Ltd. - Julian & Raphael Brewka
  • Team: Michel Schranz & Craig Smith
  • Completed: March 2014
  • Website:
  • Photography: Nick Guttridge

This London gin distillery inside a large railway arch south of the river required a concealed area for distilling gin, a laboratory to develop products, a retail and entertainment area, thermally insulated offices, alcohol storage and general storage in a well organised spatial sequence. Materials used were limited to a few, were inexpensive and of industrial nature: triple walled obscure polycarbonate sheets, galvanised steel, timber studs, glass and dark brown phenolic plywood along with stainless steel, exposed M&E installations, strip lighting, some decorative ambient lighting. A license to distill has recently been granted and original Bermondsey Gin will soon be available from this location.