Bouverie Road

  • Client: Private
  • Location: Hackney
  • Completed: February 2018
  • Budget: £280 K
  • Team: Michel Schranz & Sarah Resch
  • Photography: Nick Guttridge

Bouverie Road comprises of a classic Victorian Terrace in the heart of Stoke Newington. We acquired planning permission for a full width rear extension at ground level and a first-floor outrigger extension. In addition, we had certified a full width dormer under permitted development. Only superficial refurbishment was done to the front façade. Except for the ground floor the, entire house was re-configured.

The rear extensions are clad in a combination of grey-blue concrete tiles and zinc metal sheets. We wanted to establish a clear distinction between the main body of the terrace and the rear extensions, as well as the full width dormer that also forms an extension to the house. An existing first floor outrigger extension was demolished and rebuilt with an added 1.5m projection, hence our move to clad it with the same concrete tiles we had clad the ground floor extension with.

Starting with London Stock brick; patio floor, fence walls and ground floor extension walls, we then added concrete tiles, rimmed with zinc copings and another tile clad volume on top and with a clear brick backdrop. The last volume forms the zinc clad, full width dormer. To reduce the material palette and lending as much solid façade as possible whilst borrowing most of the light via roof and skylights was another key element of our proposal, along with a form-play of shapes inherent to the rear of Victorian Terraces.

We had very limited involvement with the interiors of this project, which reflects a different language to the outside of this house..