Lowman Road

  • Client: Private
  • Location: Lowman Road, Islington London
  • Completed: September 2016
  • Contractor: TAOC Ltd. Art Maziarz
  • Built cost: £300K
  • Team: Michel Schranz, Sarah Resch, Franziska Willers
  • Photography: Nick Guttridge

This project came with a common brief for opening up the ground floor & connecting it with a new side return extension. The brief further requested to significantly lower the entire area under the rear outrigger & new extension for good ceiling heights & to remodel the upper level of the outrigger. The brief lead us to propose demolition of the entire outrigger, a decision that was fortified with discovering a convoluted system of steel beams supporting various parts of the rear main façade.

Our client was determined to establish a monochromatic material and color palette to serve as background to their colorful and eclectic mix of furniture and art.

The project was yet another exercise into variations of the London Terrace Expansion. We have often noticed that upper floors with reception rooms being abandoned by creating an attractive lower level. This wasn’t so much of a problem here as the split between the half stories is minimal. But the connection of the front reception room and the new kitchen and dining area works quite well as it is also the only way to access the north-facing garden.