St George Street Gallery

  • Client: Offer Waterman
  • Location: St George Street, London W1
  • Completed: August 2015
  • Team: Michel Schranz, Carolina Thorbert, Rosa Castellino
  • Project Management: AB Associates
  • Contractor: PortView
  • Photography: Nick Guttridge

A Grade-II listed Georgian building just south of Hanover Square. It had been William Morris's showrooms in the past and most recently was leased to a a high end hair & wedding studio. The interior was stripped back to its original features and spaces and turned into Offer Waterman's new art gallery. A grand staircase leads from the ground floor entrance hall up to the first floor the main level, with representational & reception rooms. On upper levels are gallery offices, more gallery spaces, art storage, packing and a large library at the mansard level. The client lead the color and lighting scheme throughout. The build involved a total overhaul of services, structural improvements and restoration of a secondary staircase accessing the upper floors..