• For Xavier, Carl, Malin & Emil
  • First 2 Prototypes: 2005, Built by Michel & Anneka Schranz
  • Second Prototype: 2006, Built by Wolfgang Schmidinger

Cy was originally commissioned by Silvia & Thorsten Muth for their son Xavier. The bed is suitable for children aged 6 months up to 5 years.
The bed comes flat packed and can be assembled without any tools: 2 nylon packaging straps are the only mechanical element that holds all the parts together. The strap buckles are the only two metal parts of this bed. The mattress can be set at 2 different levels and the balustrades can be individually removed to allow children independent access when they required this.
The attempt was to create a piece of furniture that is playful and beautiful to please both children and parents at the same time. The sloping rim of the enclosure offers the child a perspective that opens up from early age. The touch & smell of untreated Douglas Fir is a gentle, warm introduction to material for a small child. The visual connotation to a carriage conveys the gypsy aspect in our lives and this furniture's limited period of use. It is named after Cy Twombly since one of his tiny sculptures triggered the design process.
3 no. have been built and all of them are in use but no commercial production has been considered.